Flo Gets a New Pair of Shoes

It’s been a productive week! Mom and Dad have been busy: Flo has a new floor, reinforced trailer frame and new shoes.

When mom first sent the photo, I hardly saw Flo’s trailer on the trailer it was riding on. Wow, she is tiny! Always a good storyteller, when the numbers “585” were found on the frame, mom said it was the 585th one in production. Maybe? And because the frame is 70 year’s old, dad was worried about the structure so he reinforced it with enough iron to last another 70.

Now that the floor has been sanded and sealed, it can be attached to the shell. Here you can see views of the interior and galley.

FloFloorTrailerShoes.jpgAnd finally, Flo has ruby red slippers. Having painted many cars as a body man, dad knows just what to do. When he asked me what color I wanted the wheels, I instantly said, “Red!” Which worked out great since he found a can of red paint on the floorboard of a ’49 Ford he bought last week. Hopefully he can save enough for me to pinstripe her before hitting the road.


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