Oh Canada!

It took a week to get to Canada, but we made it. And what a beautiful site! Well, except on the way to the border crossing the road was washed out and we drove through a place in the woods that was adorned with confederate and Christian flags—oftentimes associated with the Aryan Nation—scary.

Life on the road…just before crossing the border into Canada.

People keep telling me how much I am going to love the Pacific Northwest. Nothing could have prepared me for the breathtaking views of Canada. Ray keeps saying, “just wait until we get to the coast.” I love it so much here, I’m not convinced that it gets any better.

Hours and hours of driving in gorgeous terrain.

Speaking of better. What better way to spend a few weeks than at an artist retreat? It took only a 1/2 day to clean up and get settled into the space. The history of the Caetani Cultural Centre is intriguing. Svena Caetani lived in the house as a young girl but was captivated by her mother never to leave the house until her mother’s death. Svena was never allowed to make art while her mother was alive. Just 15 years before her own death, she started to recollect all of her memories and put them onto paper to form a series of 56 paintings called “Recapitulation”.

Although it has been rainy, we brought “springtime” indoors. Svena’s work and book of her work are inspiring as we live in the house she grew up in.

It’s nice to have a place to rest our heads for a while. We can take a breath, I can focus on my lettering practice, Ray can go fishing and make needed repairs on the trailer.

With the Von Sackens: before dinner hike and at the dance party.

And what’s a birthday without dancing? In addition to Rosanna and Ulrich being incredible hosts, they also invited us to a Cinco de Mayo dance party on Ray’s birthday. He wasn’t thrilled at first, but these photos prove he had a pretty good time.

I created this exemplar for a workshop during a live Periscope broadcast. I’m finding that it’s a great way to share what I know about Neuland markers. 

For those of you who would like to follow my lettering journey and perhaps learn a few new lettering styles, check out my new Facebook page where I will be posting events and  resources. If you are on Twitter and Periscope, I plan to make small “knowledge deposits” about lettering throughout the rest of this month. You can follow me @CorpGraffitiArt.

From the road,

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