Spring Has Sprung!

The summits in BC are impressive. And while not at the elevation we are used to in Colorado, one certainly earns the view.

I had envisioned two truths about nature and the weather before coming on this trip. We will see spring develop before us and we are landing in the Redwoods at the exact right time.

When we got to the rainy Northwest, we thought the rain would never end. There have been a few half-day breaks over the past few weeks and this week we enjoyed a full day of sun. That meant checking on Flo to ensure she was dry. SUCCESS! (Thanks to yards of gaffer’s tape). And taking a hike in the woods. The local outdoor club wrote a book so we headed out on what was supposed to be a low-level, 3-hour hike. Thinking “we’re Coloradoans so this will be a cinch!” Two peaks with a 250m rise proved itself to be a bit challenging for these two geezers who forgot that they have been living at sea level for the past three years. Funny how 20 minutes of complaining switches to pure elation when arriving at the summit.

We are not just posing. We actually are happy to have made it to Summit #1 on the Bluenose Mountain trail near Lavington, BC.

In just 3 hours we experienced 5 different terrains: rocky, two distinctly different coniferous forests—one with black tree lichen—grasslands, and an impressive cedar forest with an old growth larch side trail. The views and discoveries were breathtaking as well.

All of this came after a major struggle with technology. I had planned the week prior to broadcast all kinds of lettering tips and tricks live and even promoted it across all of the social media platforms. Unfortunately I received a text from my cell provider that all of my “fast” data is used up, which means no more streaming. And the wi-fi here at the centre was down. With two virtual classes planned: one in Germany and one in DC and a recorded online interview with one of my mentors, the fate of those opportunities to share my lettering knowledge is held hostage by technology.

Picture above: I had to announce that I was going offline. My audience has been supportive. LL: In the meantime I have been recording what I can in the studio to upload later and was able to sneak in a quick Periscope (LR) for my friend and colleague Lauren who wanted to know how to fill a Neuland FatOne marker.

Since my internet connection is spotty and unpredictable, sometimes reliable in my studio but then will cut out and when I run back to the house for wi-fi, it may or may not be good their either. The plan is to attempt the NOVA Scribes live webinar meetup on Thursday, May 18 only because we have incredible tech support on all ends. Anyone is welcome to join (see the link above to sign up). While I will be covering Neuland tips and the letteirng styles that go with them, this is the opportunity to ask me questions live as we make letters together.

The recordings I’m doing in studio—I will upload when I can—will have to carry me for awhile since once we leave here and head into the deep woods, I have no idea when I will see my lettering friends again! I will sneak on Periscope and post still photos when I can, but once we hit the road we have no idea where we will end up. Except our time in the Redwood Forest. And who wants to be online while there?

That’s at least another 6 weeks of eventful and unpredictable travels with a landing fate that is still a mystery to us. Not to worry, I’ll have my sketchbook and markers on hand developing new lettering styles along the way.

How do you spend your Friday and Saturday nights? Drive-ins, book sales and ‘tique’n for us! It just wouldn’t be a trip to Canada without a little curling rink action. And no, I didn’t buy the pencil sharpener, yet. My friend Rob has one like it. This is the first one I have seen in the wild. It’s priced a little high given is has been repainted. But the plastic cover is in great shape and it works. Ah, the smell of cedar shavings before going to bed. Sweet dreams!

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