Art Galore/Open Studio

This last week was Flow in the making. From the moment I returned back from Cupertino until the moment we opened the doors to our Open Studio, I was working in the Flow state building a bridge from my commercial work to my fine art.

Inspired by the eclipse and materials available to me, these are details of works from this week’s efforts at Elsewhere Studios. Pictured upper left (clockwise): “Eclipse: Black on Black” cut paper. “Message Below the Fold, part 3 of 4” ink on Arches Text Wove. “Bone Script Exemplar” Neuland acrylic on Arches Text Wove. “Path of Totality” mixed media on found pages. More works can be seen in my Instagram feed.

Pulling from my sketchbook, recent learnings from Carol DuBosch and Amity Parks, and completely new concepts only found in a space like Elsewhere Studios, I was an art-making machine! Over 30 pieces produced in less than 2 weeks time and exhibited in the main studio felt so good.

Ray had a wonderful showing of the portraits he took of locals. Upon entering the room, guests were impacted by either the projection of larger-than-life images on the wall or this fantastic child-specimen, Max, surrounded by black and white images.


It may seem surprising given Ray’s introverted nature, but he really has a way with people and capturing their essence. We often talk about his unique approach. He’s not the paparazzi type so while sometimes he misses snapping the shutter, he doesn’t miss anything in his observations. He takes the time to get to know people before asking to take their picture. And according to one of his new friends, “He asked me in a way that I couldn’t say no.” This was just after the man’s girlfriend asked how he let him take his picture. She stated, “he doesn’t let anyone take his picture!”

“Panarchy” gouache, ink, white charcoal on Arches Text Wove.

If you know me or my work, you know that I practice Panarchy in my personal and professional life. I’ve added a few new elements to the model including Integrate and a Release loop. These were always there, just not illustrated. The gouache-loaded brush simply inspired them to appear. This is by far my favorite piece in the show.

The works will stay up in the main gallery until Tuesday. We have a school group coming through and more works to create before leaving Paonia and heading back to Southwest Colorado.

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