Visiting the Headwaters

The headwaters of the Arkansas River are in Salida, Colorado. We were here in 2017 as part of our big trip across the country and it was my most favorite stops—perhaps because the temperature was just right and we were right on the river. Or it was our last stop before coming back to civilization. We were right on the river this time too but down river about 10 miles at the Rincon campground.

Flo, a 1947 Tourette teardrop trailer isn’t a one-of-a-kind, but I’ve never seen another one. But this one…how often do you see something like this coming down the road? I had to act fast to capture this one.

Downtown Salida hasn’t lost much of its charm since the pandemic. Less people but many of the businesses are still open and the people are beautiful Colorado people. We came into town just long enough to get some ice, Ray’s fishing license, and some ice cream.

Back at camp, Ray tests the waters right next to our spot. I took all these photos from my hammock. No, he’s not trying to shoot a fish, he’s lining up the guides on his rod before he rigs up his line. Here he is after a long day of fishing.

While the Fall Equinox is starting to show the change in colors in Southwest Colorado, where we were in Central Colorado were mainly evergreens and red rock.

I love the sound of the river but not the traffic. I would recommend hanging out here during the day but then finding someplace quiet to sleep. Right next to the highway in a valley makes a Moped sound like a Harley.

Between naps, I pulled out my Joan of Art watercolors. I’m thinking about how much our work as visual practitioners has changed during the pandemic. Beyond just going digital or finding ways to use analog tools in a digital world, I’m considering what the long-term effects are of the value we bring if we don’t start demonstrating and describing it to our clients. I’ll be offering a free session as Saturn stations direct on September 29. A nice reprieve from all of the exhausting the chaos we have been experiencing. I want to shine a little hope in the direction we are about to go.

We are suckers for tacos. Okay, I am. Ray likes burritos. We stopped at Ofelia’s in Del Norte because Ray’s niece Ophelia is named after her great, great grandma. We’ve always wondered what they served there and they did NOT disappoint!

Next stop on our trip with Flo: the Great Sand Dunes National Park near Alamosa, Colorado in October.

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