Pulling it all together

This week has been about packing, packing and packing. Other than the heartfelt goodbyes from friends, lettering students/colleagues/teachers, and my team (still not sure what my world will look like without you in my life everyday)—it’s been about wrapping it all up. And Ray has been a real trooper. How else could we pull off a move like this in a matter of days? So much to consider: what to take, what to store, what to ship to future destinations.

Flo has also been pulling herself together.
Okay, with a lot of help.


Here she is with her ruby reds. I was telling my dad about the recessed LED lights I was wanting to get for the interior. It will glow different colors to NOT attract bugs at night and also fade along with music. While pimping my trailer, I’m not sure dad has the same vision. He said, “you can keep putting lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” My dad deserves a chapter in Justin Halpern’s book.

And then this happened…

img_7866Yes, it’s the mag chloride crusted bumper of my Jeep, but that’s not the point. Can you see what’s missing? Uh. No ball hitch. Hmmm. Houston, we have a problem.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Pulling it all together

  1. I love my sway bars…they make a huge difference in how my trailer pulls. Just my 2 cents. When you do get that hitch… get a lock for it…have had 2 stolen off my car. (sad face). This is such fun!


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