Bon Voyage DC!

Physically leaving DC was a big push. Packing in anticipation for where we may land next and then when this journey is over is one thing. Trying to fit it all into the back of the Jeep is quite another—specially when the focus is on art and photography the first, third, and fifth legs of the trip.

We packed everything we owned in a solid 2.5 days and the movers showed up on Monday. The last 4 hours was an entire chapter of its own. The last of the recycling, thrift store, what to ship, what to shred and what to return was all set and ready to go just an hour before we checked out of our place. That gave us only one hour to finish cleaning, take showers and hit the road. Once checked out, all of those things just listed had to somehow fit in the last little bit of room in the Jeep so we could deliver them before heading out of town. What we thought would be a 6:30 dinner turned out to be 9:30pm. Shuffling items and making multiple trips while juggling access to our building and the rain was an adventure. It felt like we were never going to get out of there! We didn’t have a place to stay that night either.


But it all came together. It took time, but we were focused and got it all done. In the midst of cleaning up, I found a gift card to a nice restaurant so dinner was on District Commons—our last big outing in DC and likely in the months to come. Ray has a steak and I had shrimp and grits for old times sake. With tears in our eyes we took one last pass by the Lincoln Memorial and the White House before heading out. We recalled what we loved and will miss about DC, the incredible people we have met, what we have learned, how we have grown and what it will be like when we return.

Once on the road, we were much more at ease. We’ve been adapting quickly from where to stay the first night and what sights we can see along the way.

img_8040Did you know that Pennsylvania has over 200 covered bridges? The most in the US, it used to have 700 at one time. While the Sachs Bridge  is closed from driving through, we were able to walk into it. At first glance it shows human wear through carvings in the wood by couples in love. It was used by the Confederate Army to cross the creek when they withdrew from Gettysburg. If you want to hear it’s spooky backstory, click here.

img_8080And what road trip would be complete without a stop at a roadside diner? There are many along the way. But the Dutch Kitchen in Frackville, PA caught our eye. It had excellent reviews. Ray highly recommends the fried chicken.

Waking up in upstate NY and snow
DC didn’t offer much of a winter. I can’t even remember it snowing this year. Not one cancelled day of work. But waking up to the biggest snowflakes I have seen since CO and knowing that the weeks to come will be about making art settled my nerves and made me grateful for the journey Ray and I are on.



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